Whilst our calendar of events is to the best of our knowledge accurate, there may be some alterations. On receiving your entry forms prior to signing, please read carefully all the conditions that apply to each show/rally as most of them (we have been informed) will be strictly applied, also for a variety of reasons some events are not supplying plaques. Please check the closing date on all entry forms as space is limited at a number of venues.

If you send in an entry form, then later you find due to holiday arrangements, illness or car problems you are unable to attend, please contact the organiser with your cancellation prior to the event so that late entries could probably be accepted.

To comply with safety regulations currently in force, events have now had to state times of arrival and departure, this will apply to all exhibitors as stated in the conditions of entry.

Section co-ordinators have to prepare risk assessments for their specific area, which includes movement of vehicles at shows during the opening times to the public, this is why it is important to arrive in good time at your event and this is why at some major shows if you arrive late you will be directed to the car par instead of the display area. All vehicles must be pre-booked, as no late entries will be accepted after the event is open to the public.    

The majority of owners are in support of event rules and instructions which apply to all entries.

Check that your classic car insurance covers you for displaying your vehicle at an event.

All vehicles must be pre-booked, so no late entries will be accepted after the event is open to the public. Health & safety rules apply to all events where the public are admitted.

Finally in the event of heavy rain it is advisable to telephone the organisers the day before.

We hope for favourable weather conditions this year, and we hope you enjoy your chosen events with your car and family.

Happy motoring,

Ken Marsh                               John Wilkinson

Events Co-ordinator                              Classics Co-ordinator

Please Note:  Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the show opening hours stated on this website are correct and the locations shown on the calendar and maps are accurate, no responsibility will be accepted should such information ultimately be proved to be incorrect. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to check with the Show Organiser or  Co-ordinator, or on the Show entry form that the times and locations are correct.