Lincolnshire Automobile Club 


On the way to Canwick Hall 1907

Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club is the oldest in UK, being formed as Lincolnshire Automobile Club, a social motoring club, in 1900. Many of the early members were professional people, such as doctors and solicitors. They were enthusiastic early pioneers and dedicated motorists who decided to promote the use of motor cars for pleasure.

But what brought these people together?

How did it start?

Follow the fascinating journey of Lincolnshire's motoring pioneers, as they fight against prejudice, restricting laws, awful road conditions and together they battle through two World Wars.


Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club 


Lincolnshire Automobile Club

and Louth Motor Club



The Lincolnshire Automobile Club was formed in 1900 by a group of early motoring enthusiasts in Lincolnshire with the club now recognized as the oldest motor club in Britain.In the early days, it was mainly concerned with fighting for better road conditions for motorists, and even that far back was promoting motor sporting events such as hill climbs and endurance runs with over 300 club members. 

The club also played an important part in co-operation with the Lincolnshire Police Force in siting a number of road signs at road junctions and dangerous places in the early years of motoring. 

The club had many eminent members including doctors and professional people. For example Sir Archibald Weigall of Woodhall Spa, Sir Hickman Bacon and the Earl of Ancaster, all elected as Club Presidents over a total period covering 67 years. 

After World War II the club began to get back into the organisation of competitive events, and in 1956 established a new and active committee. By 1961 it was regularly promoting rallies, trials and auto tests.

The club played a leading part in the formation of the Lincolnshire Association of Motor Clubs in 1961, which later became the Association of North East Midland Motor Clubs after affiliation with the RAC Motor Sport Association.

In 1972 however, the Lincolnshire Automobile Club decided to promote a special stage rally. Not having sufficient experienced members to promote this on its own, it joined forces with the Louth Motor Club. Thus a new and enthusiastic club was formed in 1972, and this led to the first Tour of Lincs Stage Rally. This has grown from strength to strength over the years, winning a number of awards and accolades.

In 1976 the event was invited to be in the BTRDA National Championship. Over the years the Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club flourished and grew in strength,with the club winning the coveted Clubman's Award for three club crews finishing the 1976 Lombard International RAC Rally. Club members also won the 1977 BTRDA Rally Championship, a class win on the 1991 International Lombard RAC Rally and in 1993 the sought after Shell Rally Scholarship. Since 1989 the club has run four stages on the Lombard and Network Q RAC Rally, winning 'stage of the day' a number of times.

The club enjoys an unrivalled record in the history of motor sport.

Road runs are still a feature in the club's calendar of events.

The Classic Car section was formed in 1990 and has rapidly grown into a popular and active part of the club, supporting shows and rallies over a wide area of Lincolnshire.The club now has an extensive classic show season.  Members can be out most weekends showing their classic cars.

John Wilkinson

Chairman of the Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club Limited