1. The club membership fee is £20. This covers all members of the same family residing at the same address.

2. Membership runs for 12 months from the month of joining, to the corresponding month the following year, expiring at the end of that month.

3. A monthly magazine is posted or emailed to every current member in the first week of each month, with articles for sale, points of interest and update of events.

4. A member is issued with a membership card, this should be carried at all times when attending shows, meetings and events.

5. The club committee have the right to refuse membership, if they so desire for unruly behavior or any activity detrimental to the club.

6. A yearly calendar of shows and events is available by the end of March each year.

7.  All members attending events with their car or motorcycle must ensure that their vehicles are insured in accordance with the road traffic acts, and that the cover includes their participation at classic vehicle shows.

8.  All members attending events must present their display vehicle in a clean condition.

9. All shows & events must be pre-booked using an entry form. A stamped self addressed envelope must be included with the entry form for each event for the return of a vehicle pass and final instructions. No pass will be issued if a stamped self-addressed envelope has not been included with the Entry Form.

10. While attending events and shows, members are requested to abide by all instructions given by the organiser or their helpers. 

You may download and print a copy of these Rules and a Membership Form by Clicking Here